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Wolfram Alpha Commands List

Wolfram Alpha Commands List

Here is a list with the most useful commands for Wolfram Alpha website:

Function Commands
Cosine of x cos(x)
Sine of x sin(x)
Tangent of x tg(x)
Natural logarithm of x ln(x)
Base-b logarithm of x log(b,x)
Multiplication *
Division /
k-power of x x ^ k
Square root of x sqrt ( x )
k-th root of x di x x ^ (1/k)
Absolute value of x abs(x)
Limit (automatic) of f(x) Lim f(x)
Limit of f(x) for x that goes to k Lim f(x) x to k
Limit of a sequence lim f(n)
Infinity infinity
Infinity (negative) -(infinity)
Sum of f(x) from A to B sum f(x) from A to B
Sum of f(x) to infinity sum f(x) to infinity
π (Pi) pi
Imaginary unit i
Derivative of f(x) (embedded) f’(x)
Derivative of f(x) (just solve) derivate f(x)
Derivative of f(x,y) respect to x derivate f(x,y) in x
Derivative of f(x) in the point x=a derivate f(x), x=a
Indefinite integral of f(x) integrate f(x)
Integral of f(x) from a to b integrate f(x) from a to b
Equations system between f(x) and g(x) f(x), g(x)
Area between f(x) and g(x) area between f(x),g(x)
Tangent plane to f(x,y) in the point (a,b) tangent plane f(x,y) at x=a,y=b
Solve solve
Graph of f(x) from A to B plot f(x) from A to B
System of equations, inequalities, expresssions Use a comma to separe each element of the system


To compute derivatives or other expressions in a single point – let’s say [a,b] – just add: “when x=a, y=b”

Advanced commands: Signals Theory

Interpretazione Commands
Heaviside function of t H(t)
Triangle function of t TriangleFunction(t)
Laplace trasform of f(t) LaplaceTransform f(t)
Inverse Laplace transform of f(t) InverseLaplaceTransform f(t)
Fourier transform of u(t) FourierTransform u(t)
Inverse Fourier transform of f(t) InverseFourierTransform f(t)
Residues of f(z) Residues f(z)
Transfer function analysis TransferFunction G(s)


If you need further commands, feel free to leave a comment in the form below.


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