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Complete List of all 60 Side Adventures of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Complete List of all 60 Side Adventures of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) is the latest entry in the Zelda franchise, developed and published by Nintendo for Switch. Long-awaited sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from 2017, this new game was released on May 12, 2023 and was immediately acclaimed by critics and fans alike.

Between the kingdom of Hyrule, the Depths and the Sky Islands, Tears of the Kingdom offers a long list of activities, exploration, puzzles and quests that will keep you engaged for hundreds of hours of playtime.

If you aim to complete all the content in the game and achieve the sweet 100% goal, on top of the 23 Main Quests and the 18 Memories, the game also includes 60 Side Adventures and 139 Side Quests to discover through the kingdom of Hyrule.

For those of you who are committed to completing every quest in the game, we are happy to provide here the complete list of all the Side Adventures in the game. The list is sorted using the same in-game order, to make it easier for our readers to spot which quest are missing. Remember to check our hints with coordinates and suggestions on how to complete all the quests!

Remember to check our hints in the table (plus sign on mobile) with coordinates and suggestions on how to complete all the quests!

BONUS: if you want to complete all the content of this game, remember to also check our complete list of all the 31 Shrine Quests and our complete list of all the 139 Side Quests!

#Quest nameStart locationTalk withHints
1Hateno Village Research LabLookout LandingRobbieAvailable after the main quest "A Mystery In The Depths"
2Filling Out The CompendiumHateno Ancient Tech LabRobbieAvailable after the quest "Hateno Village Research Lab"
3Presenting: The Travel Medallion!Hateno Ancient Tech LabRobbieAvailable after the quest "Hateno Village Research Lab"
4Presenting: Hero's Path Mode!Hateno Ancient Tech LabRobbieAvailable after the quest "Hateno Village Research Lab"
5Presenting: Sensor +!Hateno Ancient Tech LabRobbieAvailable after the quest "Hateno Village Research Lab". To finish the quest, you have to activate all the towers.
6Mattison'S IndependenceTarrey TownHudsonUse a Stabilizer and a wooden block to hide Mattison
7A Letter To KoyinHateno VillageKoyinRecover the letter from the Lake Sumac at (3619, -2017, 0175)
8A New Signature FoodHateno VillageReedeComplete "A letter to Koyin" to finish this quest
9Reede'S SecretHateno VillageClaviaFrom the north well, use Ascend under Reede's shed
10Cece'S SecretHateno VillageSophieAt night, use the secret entry at the right side of the tower, in front of Cece's shop
11Team Cece Or Team Reede?Hateno VillageCeceMost of the targets are between the General store and the East Well. Two are at the Farm, and one walks from the village to the Research Lab
12The Mayoral ElectionHateno VillageCeceComplete "Team Cece or Team Reede?"
13Ruffian-Infested VillageLurelin VillageRozelIn the south-east bay, the village is at (2829, -3341, 0042)
14Lurelin Village Restoration ProjectLurelin VillageBolsonBring wood logs from the hills north of the village
15Potential Princess Sightings!Lucky Clover GazetteTraysiComplete all of Penn's quest in all the Stables
16The Beakoning WomanOutskirt StablePennFollow the woman
17Gourmets Gone MissingRiverside StablePennNear the lake at the East of the stable. Prepare a dish with Meat, Hyrule Rice and Rock salt
18The Beast And The PrincessNew Serenne StablePennTalk with the woman at the north of the Lakeside Stable. She is at (1545, -3366, 0058)
19Zelda'S Golden HorseSnowfield StablePennBetween the horses at East from the Tower
20White Goats Gone MissingTabantha Bridge StablePennFollow the trail made of acorns
21For Our Princess!Foothill StablePennIn the cave north of the camp
22The All-Clucking CuccoSouth Akkala StablePennThe oracle is at the coordinates (3163, 1713, 0201)
23The Missing Farm ToolsWetland StablePennBuild a raft using Zonai devices
24Princess Zelda Kidnapped?!Dueling Peaks StablePennIn the valley midway of the South Peak. At the coordinates (1313, -1988, 0303)
25An Eerie VoiceHighland StablePennIn the well near the Stable
26The Blocked WellGerudo Canyon StablePennEnter the well near the Stable and dig a way out
27The Flute Player'S PlanHighland StablePyperPyper is on top of a tree near the Stable, at night
28Honey, Bee MineWest NecludaBeetzBring honey to Beetz, at the coordinates (2167 -1381 0108)
29The Hornist's Dramatic EscapeTabantha FrontierEustusAt the coordinates (-3658, 0760, 0117)
30Serenade To A Great FairyWoodland StablePennRepair the cart with Ultrahand and guide the musicians
31Serenade to KaysaOutskirt StableMastroComplete "The Flute Player'S Plan"
32Serenade To CoteraDueling Peaks StableMastroComplete "Honey, Bee Mine"
33Serenade To MijaSnowfield StableMastroComplete "The Horniest'S Dramatic Escape"
34Bring Peace To Hyrule Field!Central HyruleHozAt the coordinates (-0406, -0516, 0027)
35Bring Peace To Necluda!Central HyruleHozAt the coordinates (2205, -1791, 0016)
36Bring Peace To Eldin!Eldin CanyonTorenAt the coordinates (2366, 3057, 0449)
37Bring Peace To Akkala!Eldin CanyonTorenAt the coordinates (2185, 3095, 0400)
38Bring Peace To Faron!Faron GrasslandsFlaxelAt the coordinates (2282 -1840, 0010)
39Bring Peace To Hebra!Faron GrasslandsFlaxelAt the coordinates (-0036, -3485, 0018)
40Hestu'S ConcernsHetsuHyrule RidgeHetsu is northwest from Lookout Landing. At the coordinates (-1714, 1067, 0202)
41The Hunt For Bubbul Gems!Eldin CanyonKoltinThe quest starts at north of the Woodland Stable, at the coordinates (1216, 1208, 0020)
42The Search For KoltinEldin CanyonKoltinAvailable after "The Hunt for Bubbul Gems!" started. Kilton, in Tarrey Town, will tell you when to find Koltin
43A Monstrous Collection ITarrey TownKiltonTake a picture of a Bokoblin
44A Monstrous Collection IITarrey TownKiltonTake a picture of a Horroblin
45A Monstrous Collection IIITarrey TownKiltonTake a picture of a Battle Talus in Hyrule Field
46A Monstrous Collection IVTarrey TownKiltonTake a picture of a Frox in the Depths
47A Monstrous Collection VTarrey TownKiltonTake a picture of King Gleok. There is one in the Island on top of Gerudo Town
48Investigate The Thyphlo RuinsThyphlo RuinsKazulComplete the four puzzles, available after you complete the main dungeons
49The Owl Protected By DragonsThyphlo RuinsKazulAt the coordinates (0365, 3059, 0175)
50The Corridor Between Two DragonsThyphlo RuinsKazulAt the coordinates (0216, 3121, 0174)
51The Six DragonsThyphlo RuinsKazulAt the coordinates (0185, 3181, 0174)
52The Long DragonThyphlo RuinsKazulAt the coordinates (0457, 3082, 0175)
53Legend of the Great Sky IslandGreat Sky IslandSteward ConstructIt starts on the roof of the Temple. Use your Zora Armor to ride the waterfalls and don't touch the ground.
54Messages From An Ancient EraLookout LandingWortsworthTake a photo of each slate in the star-shaped islands
55A Deal With The StatueRoyal Hidden PassageHorned StatueBreak the wall in the emergency shelter under Lookout Landing
56Who Goes There?Lookout LandingJerrinFollow the statues in the Depth under Hyrule Field
57A Call From The DepthsTemple Of Time RuinsStatueTalk with the statue of the Goddess in the Great Pleateau's temple. Use a bomb to break the wall at north of the Pleateau.
58Infiltrating The Yiga ClanYiga Clan HideoutMimosGet the 3 Yiga equip from the Great Plateau, the Akkala Research Lab and the cave ovest of the Korok Forest lake.
59The Yiga Clan ExamYiga Blademaster StationYiga BlademasterUnder the waterfall in Gerudo Canyon
60Master Kohga Of The Yiga ClanGreat Abandoned Central MineKohgaFollow the statues in the Depth to find Kohga


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    • Thank you! I spent so many hours in this amazing game, I am just glad I can help other people finish it!

    • It's our pleasure! As a gamer myself, I have been trying to complete all the quest in this game too. I am glad my list was helpful for you to find which quest was missing!

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