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Complete List of all 139 Side Quests of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Complete List of all 139 Side Quests of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) is a new action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It is the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017) and features an expanded open world environment of Hyrule that allows for more vertical exploration.

The game was released on May 12, 2023 and received critical acclaim from critics and fans alike.

One of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of TOTK is completing the 139 Side Quests that are scattered throughout Hyrule. These quests involve interacting with various NPCs, solving puzzles, finding secrets, and more. Completing these quests will unlock rewards, such as items, weapons, armor, and upgrades.

To help you achieve 100% completion in TOTK, we have compiled a complete list of all the Side Quests of the game. Remember to check our hints in the table (plus sign on mobile) with coordinates and suggestions on how to complete all the quests!

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#Quest nameStart locationTalk withHints
1Spotting SpotLookout LandingLesterFind the horse Spot at (-0332, -0043, 0023)
2Village Attacked By PiratesLookout LandingGariniFree the village at the coordinates (2829, -3341, 0042)
3Today's MenuLookout LandingBurmanoBring apples to (-0266, 0098, 0008)
4The Incomplete StableLookout LandingKarsonRepair the stable roof at the coordinates (-0245, 0060, 0019)
5Wanted: Stone TalusLookout Landing - Emergency ShelterGralensDefeat the Talus at North Akkala Foothill
6Wanted: MoldugaLookout Landing - Emergency ShelterGralensDefeat the Molduga in the East Barrens
7Wanted: HinoxLookout Landing - Emergency ShelterGralensDefeat the Hinox around Trilby Plain
8Unknown Sky GiantLookout Landing - Emergency ShelterGralensDefeat the Flux Construct on the West Hebra Sky Archipelago
9Unknown Three-Headed MonsterLookout Landing - Emergency ShelterGralensDefeat the Gleeok at the Bridge of Hylia
10Unknown Huge SilhouetteLookout Landing - Emergency ShelterGralensDefeat the Frox in the Depths
11The Horse Guard's RequestOutskirt StableToffaStart at the coordinates (-1441, -1252, 0032). Tame a Stalhorse at (-1688, -0680, 0124) and later one deer
12A Picture for Outskirt StableOutskirt StableEmpty frameTake a picture of the cherry tree on top of Satori Mountain at the coordinates (-2255, -0342, 0344)
13Feathered FugitivesRiverside StableTeliStart at (0367, -1103, 0009). Find the five missing Cuccos in the area
14A Picture for Riverside StableRiverside StableEmpty frameTake a picture of the Great Goddess Statue in the Temple of Time, located at the Great Plateau, at (-0819, -2014, 0117)
15Horse-Drawn DreamsNew Serenne StableZumiRepair the wagon and tame a wild horse. Bring it back at the coordinates (-1333, 0723, 0085)
16A Picture for New Serenne StableNew Serenne StableEmpty frameUse a Zonai Baloon to take a picture of the Geoglyph
17Genli's Home CookingRito VillageGenliGive a Staminoka Bass
18Treasure of the Secret SpringsRito VillageTulinEnter the cave at the coordinates (-3964, 3281, 0239). Break 3 rock walls to raise the water
19Molli The Fletcher's QuestRito VillageMolliGive an Ice Fruit or a White Chuchu Jelly
20Legacy Of The RitoRito VillageTebaHave a swallow bow, five bundles of wood, and three diamonds.
21Fish For FletchingRito VillageBedoliCollect 3 Glowing Cave Fish
22The Rito Rope BridgeLucky Clover GazetteGesaneFind the lumberjack at Lookout Landing. Bring him 20 wood.
23A Picture for Tabantha Bridge StableTabantha Bridge StableEmpty frameTake a picture of the Ancient Columns located at (-3614, 0450, 0260) during the sunrise
24A Picture for Snowfield StableSnowfield StableEmpty frameGo to (-3150, 2706, 0567) and take a picture of the bird-shaped mountain
25Crossing the Cold PoolHebra MountainsVerlaStart at the coordinates (-3221, 2454, and 0347). Collect 10 Chillshroom.
26Open the DoorTabantha Village RuinsJogoStart at the coordinates (-2680, 1674, 0258). Defeat the monsters.
27Supply-Eyeing FliersTabantha FrontierHuckStart at the coordinates (-2172, 2027, 0363). Defeat the monsters.
28The Blocked CaveHebra MountainsMazliStart at the coordinates (-3584, 2471, 0228). Clear the rock wall blocking the entrance of Rospro Pass Cave
29The Duchess Who DisappearedSelmie's SpotRussSave the Duchess in the cave at the coordinates (-3979, 3069, 0143)
30Kaneli's Flight TrainingFlight RangeKaneliStart at the coordinates (-3795, 2318, 0161)
31Cave Mushrooms That GlowTabantha FrontierNatStart at the coordinates (-2987, 1655, 0199), collect 10 Brightcaps
32The Captured TentSnowfield Stable NatStart at the stable, defeat the monters at the coordinates (-1376, 2864, 0198)
33Who Finds the Haven?Snowfield StableNatExplore the cave at the coordinates (-4072, 2723, 0029)
34Whirly Swirly ThingsKorok ForestKulaTake a picture of the whirlwind in Lake Hylia, then one of a quicksand pit
35The Secret RoomKorok ForestOakiUse Ascensus inside the Deku Tree to start the quest
36Walton's Treasure HuntKorok ForestWaltonStart on top of the Deku Tree. Find the items at the coordinates (0415, 2174, 0242), (0405, 2195, 0229), (0419, 2154, 0155)
37Amber DealerGoron CityRamellaBring 10 Ambers to the Gerudo woman Ramella
38The Ancient City Gorondia!Goron CityDugbyStart at the coordinates (1742, 2573, 0427). Fix the minecart
39The Ancient City Gorondia?Goron CityDugbyStart at the coordinates (1614, 2432, 0387). Guide the minecart
40Soul Of The GoronsGoron CityFugoStart at (1689, 2496, 0396). Bring a Cobble Crusher, 5 flints, 3 diamonds. Find the Cobble Crusher at the coordinates (1499, 1184, 0179)
41Moon-Gazing GoronsGoron CityTrayAt noon, take a picture of the shadow inside Lake Ferona Cave at the coordinates (1929, 1266, 0125)
42The Hidden Treasure at Lizard LakesGoron CityBludoFind the treasure in the cave at the location (2203, 3077, 0406)
43Simmerstone SpringsGoron CityKimaFind the Goron at the location (1705, 2420, 0392), then explore the tunnel at (2007, 2040, 0424)
44Cash In on Ripened FlintBedrock BistroGomoStart at (1751, 1537, 0278). Give him normal flints until he finds the special flint. It's RNG and luck.
45Meat For MeatBedrock BistroMezerStart at (1755, 1548, 0278). Bring back the item from the cave at the location (1641, 1730, 0278)
46Rock Roast or DustBedrock BistroCookeStart at (1755, 1548, 0278). Bring back the item from the cave at the location (1641, 1730, 0278)
47Mine-Cart Land: Open For Business!Southern MineBaygeComplete the minigame in the cave at the location (1832, 2072, 0321)
48Mine-Cart Land: Quickshot CourseSouthern MineHeehlComplete the minigame in the cave at the location (1832, 2072, 0321)
49Mine-Cart Land: Death MountainSouthern MineKabettaComplete the minigame in the cave at the location (2364, 2600, 0827)
50A Picture for Woodland StableWoodland StableEmpty frameTake a picture of a Goron in the hot spring at the location (1814, 2233, 0481)
51A Picture for Foothill StableFoothill StableEmpty frameTake a picture of the Mountain Sculpture over Goron City
52Fell into a Well!Rebonae Bridge WellDillieStart at the location (0780, 0006, 0016). Fix the broken ladder
53The Abandoned LaborerDeath Mountain West TunnelMotaStart in the cave at the coordinates (2250, 2680, 0523). Free the Goron at (2350, 2686, 0514)
54The Treasure HuntersRauru HillsideDomidakStart at the location (0600, 1283, 0047)
55Misko's Cave of ChestsCephla Lake CaveDomidakStart at the location (2606, 1325, 0150)
56Misko's Treasure: The Fierce DeityCephla Lake CaveMisko's LetterFind the three chests at (3290, 1492, 0415), (-1109, -0438, 0064), (3321, 3424, 0190).
57Misko's Treasure: Twins ManuscriptCephla Lake CaveDomidakStart at (2611, 1312, 0149), find the cave at (1190, -1861, 0157)
58Misko's Treasure: Pirate ManuscriptCephla Lake CaveDomidakStart at (2611, 1312, 0149), find the cave at (3645, -3217, 0000). Whistle to open the cave
59Misko's Treasure: Heroines ManuscriptCephla Lake CaveDomidakStart at (2611, 1312, 0149), find the cave at (-4380, -0529, 0497)
60Misko's Treasure of Awakening IGoronbi River CaveMisko's LetterStart inside the cave at (1415, 2106, 0287). Press the button on the column at the location (-3484, 0421, 0292).
61Misko's Treasure of Awakening IIAncient Columns CaveMisko's LetterFix the twin statues in the Coliseum Ruins at (-1170, 1309, 0049)
62Misko's Treasure of Awakening IIIColiseum Ruins CaveMisko's LetterClimb the column at the location (-2268, 0877, 0126) to cast a shadown on the next column
63The Tarrey Town Race Is On!Hudson Construction SiteFernisonStart at (3753, 1673, 0092).
64Secrets WithinTarrey TownPulchoStart at (3803, 1568, 0091). Use the Device Dispenser
65Master of the Vehicle PrototypeHudson Construction SiteFernisonStart at (3753, 1673, 0092). Complete the race course
66Home On ArrangeTarrey TownRhondsonStart at (3939, 1589, 0129). Place a room for your home
67Strongest In The WorldEast Akkala StableChabiStart at (4204, 2769, 0127), bring a weapon fused with a Lynel Horn
68The Gathering PiratesEast Akkala StableAyaThe objective is at the location (4770, 2782, 0024)
69A Picture for East Akkala StableEast Akkala StableEmpty frameTake a picture of the Octorok lake during rain from the cliff at (4128, 2549, 0096)
70Eldin's Colossal FossilEast Akkala StableLooneStart at (4339, 2816, 0142). Go to (1670, 3668, 0100)
71Hebra's Colossal FossilEldin Great SkeletonLooneGo to the cave at (-3812, 3592, 0257)
72Gerudo's Colossal FossilHebra Great SkeletonLooneGo to (-3884, 3692, 0222)
73One-Hit Wonder!South Akkala StableParcyStart at (3089, 1674, 0201), destroy the ore with one hit
74A Picture for South Akkala StableSouth Akkala StableEmpty frameTake a picture of the bell at (3983, 1608, 0127)
75True TreasureZora's DomainKodahCross the waters at (4469, -0836, 0060)
76Secret Treasure Under The Great FishZora's DomainSidonFind the cave behind the waterfall at (3240,0373,0079)
77The Never-Ending LectureZora's DomainChromaIn the hidden cave at (4094, 0529, 0586)
78The Moonlit PrincessZora's DomainSegginTake a picture of the statue at (3762, 0439, 0535) at night
79The Fort at Ja'Abu RidgeZora's DomainGaddisonStart at (3460, 0486, 0155). Free the prisoner at (4180, 0075, 0331)
80Glory Of The ZoraZora's DomainDentoCollect 3 Diamonds, 5 Flints and a Zora Spear. Find the spear at the coordinates (3335, 0490, 0140)
81A Crabulous Deal!Zora's DomainCleffBring Cleff 10 Bright-Eyed Crabs
82A Wife Wafted AwayZora's DomainFronkFind the wife at (3664, 0564, 1251)
83A Token Of FriendshipZora's DomainYonaUnder the lake at (3307, 0488, 0150)
84A Picture for Wetland StableWetland StableEmpty frameTake a picture of the ring ruins structure at 1810 -1020, 0112)
85An Uninvited GuestWetland StableAmiDefeat the enemy near the stable
86The Blue StoneEast Reservoir LakeLedoStart at (3593, 0346, 0211). Find the stone in the cave at (3784, 0406, 0209)
87The Ultimate Dish?Rikoka Hills WellMozaStart at (1714, -0652, 0023), bring a failed dish
88Mired In MuckUpland Zonara Skyview TowerBazzStart near the Zora Domain's tower at (2846, 0585, 0375). Release Bazz from the sludge with a source of water
89Out of the InnKakariko VillageDaiStart at (1834, -1022, 0116)
90Follow The CuccosKakariko VillageTrissaStart at (1790, -1030, 0115). Find the cave at (1877, -1156, 0200)
91A Trip Through HistoryKakariko VillageBugutFind the ruins at (1633, -1178, 0218), (1938, -1081, 0166), (1900, -0811, 0199), (1738, -0900, 0199)
92Codger's QuarrelKakariko VillageTrissaStart at (1790, -1030, 0115). Defeat the monsters at (1655, -1160, 0214)
93Gloom-Borne IllnessKakariko VillageLasliStart at (1907, -1007, 0127). Cook a porridge with Fresh Milk, Hylian Rice and a Sundelion
94A New Champion's TunicHateno Village - Zelda's WellZelda's DiaryStart in the well at (3301, -2298, 0130). Light the torch in the castle throne room
95Teach Me A Lesson IHateno Village - SchoolSyminStart at (3361, -1969, 0129). Take a picture of the tapestry in Kakariko at (1784, -0984, 0123)
96Teach Me A Lesson IiHateno Village - SchoolSyminStart at (3361, -1969, 0129). Cook a Monster Curry with Goron Spice, Hylian Rice and Monster Extract
97Dantz's Prize CowsHateno VillageDantzBring acorns to the farmer in the village
98Homegrown in HatenoHateno VillageReedeStart at (3301, -2123, 0109). Protect the camp
99Photographing a ChuchuHateno VillageSaygeStart at (3403, -2144, 0121)
100Uma's GardenHateno VillageUmaStart at (3336, -2034, 0117)
101Manny's BelovedHateno VillageMannyStart at coordinates (3374, -2134, 0120). Collect 10 Hot-Footed Frogs
102Lurelin Resort ProjectLurelin VillageRozelStart at (2858, -3517, 0000). Talk to the woman at (3746, 1677, 0092) after completing her quests
103Dad's Blue ShirtLurelin VillageZutaStart at the coordinates (2887, -3417, 0006). Collect the chest in the sea.
104A Way to Trade, Washed AwayLurelin VillageGariniStart at the location (2956, -3493, 0001). Go to the island in the middle of the bay and drive back a boat
105Rattled RaleraLurelin VillageRaleraStart at (2846, -3464, 0004). Cook Hylian Rice, Goron Spice and Porgy fish
106A Picture for Dueling Peaks StableDueling Peaks StableEmpty frameTake a picture of the sunshine from the mountain at (2561, -3601, 0238)
107A Bottled Cry for HelpHateno BeachBottled LetterStart at the coordinates (3941, -2508, 0000). Save the guy in the seacave at (4546 -2258, 0000)
108Seeking The Pirate HideoutEventide IslandSesamiStart at (4515, -3501, 0001). Defeat the monsters in the 3 camps and then find the cove at (4770, -3797, 0037)
109Ousting the GiantsLakeside StableKampoDefeat the monsters in the caves marked on the map
110A Picture for Lakeside StableLakeside StableEmpty frameTake a picture of the waterfalls from (1736, -3455, 0060)
111A Picture for Highland StableHighland StableEmpty frameTake a picture of the white horse at (0782, -3721, 0081)
112The Heroines' SecretGerudo ShelterRotanaTake a picture of the stone slates at (-3891, -2996, 0032), (-3848, -2944, 0029), (-3858, 2982, 0032)
113Treasure Of The Gerudo DesertGerudo TownRijuEnter the ruins at (-4673, -1977, 0019)
114Pride of the GerudoGerudo TownIshaBring the weapons you find by completing "The Mysterious Eighth"
115Dalia's GameGerudo TownDaliaStart at (-3812, -2876, 0043)
116The Mysterious EighthGerudo ShelterRotanaCollect the 8 orbs. Four are in the shelter area, two in the city, one on the roof of the city and one is at the Bazar
117The Missing OwnerGerudo TownCaraSave the woman at (-4771, -2828, 0032)
118To The Ruins!Gerudo TownPokkiEscort the woman to the ruins of the seven statues in north east desert
119Decorate With PassionKara Kara BazaarBoraaBring a spear fused with a ruby
120Lost In The DunesKara Kara BazaarBenjaSave the person in the sinkhole at (-3322, -2668, 0035)
121A Picture for the Closed Stable IGerudo Canyon StableEmpty frameTake a picture of the mountains from (-1839, -2107, 1148)
122A Picture for the Closed Stable IIGerudo Canyon StableEmpty frameTake a picture of the statue sword at coordinates (-3967, -0952, 0767)
123Piaffe, Packed AwayGerudo Canyon StablePiaffeDestroy the boxes in the room
124Gleeok GutsGerudo CanyonMalenaStart at (-2728, -2338, 0062)
125Disaster in Gerudo CanyonGerudo Canyon PassQuinceStart at (-1666, -2013, 0293).
126The Great Tumbleweed PurgeGerudo CanyonBarlesStart at the location ( -1005, -3582, 0219)
127Heat-Endurance Contest!Gerudo CanyonRahdoStart at the location (-1370, -3353, 0473)
128Cold-Endurance Contest!Gerudo CanyonRahdoStart at the location (-1370, -3353, 0473)
129The Iceless IcehouseNorthern IcehouseAncheStart at the coordinates (-3752, -2276, 0033). Use the fire outside to resize the ice block
130Where Are The Wells?Tabantha Bridge Stable/Lookout LandingFeraStart at (-2947, 0513, 0144). Visit all the wells
131Ancient Blades BelowSpirit TempleMining ConstructStart at (1337, -3365, -0737)
132The North Lomei ProphecyNorth Lomei LabyrinthEntrance DoorSolve the labyrint at (-0767, 3547, 0234)
133The Lomei Labyrinth Island ProphecyLomei Labyrinth IslandEntrance DoorSolve the maze at (4655, 3704, 0090)
134The South Lomei ProphecySouth Lomei LabyrinthEntrance DoorSolve the maze at (-1794, -3462, 0046)
137Goddess Statue Of CourageSpring Of CourageGoddess StatueStart at (0875, -2362, 0017)
136Goddess Statue Of PowerSpring Of PowerGoddess StatueStart at (3758, 2676, 0003)
135Goddess Statue Of WisdomSpring Of WisdomGoddess StatueStart at (3913, -1329, 0467)
138The Mother Goddess StatueForgotten TempleGoddess StatueComplete the other Goddess Statues quests
139The Shrine ExplorerAll Shrines of Light CompletedRauruCollect the chest at (0453, - 0762, 1467)


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  1. The coordinates for a few of these quests are wrong. One big one I found is The Great Tumbleweed Purge's coordinates show it starting in Lurelin Village rather than near the Faron Grasslands area.

    • Hi Ashley, thanks for letting us know. I used the occasion to check again all the coordinates and suggestions and fixed a few that were not accurate. Now they should all be correct, but please let us know if you still find something that should be changed. I hope the guide was useful for you despite the small mistake!

  2. Thanks for the list, I had trouble with the quest "the iceless icehouse", near the North Gerudo Ruins and I could not complete it. I didn't realize there was a torch out of the house, next to the fire. Using that it was very easy to resize the ice block and fit it in the alcove.

  3. A few missing side quests:
    Who Finds the Haven? – Snowfield Stable – Nat
    Simmerstone Springs – Goron City – Kima
    Lurelin Resort Project – Lurelin Village – Rozel
    A Way to Trade, Washed Away – Lurelin Village – Garini
    Pride of the Gerudo – Gerudo Town – Isha
    The Captured Tent – Snowfield Stable – Nat
    Dad's Blue Shirt – Lurelin Village – Zuta

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