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The best website to download music for free

The best website to download music for free

Today we will introduce you to the best website to download mp3 music for free, in an easy, fast and legal way. There are many services that allow you to do it illegally, but these sites full of viruses and invasive advertising, besides the fact that those who download through them is potentially punishable by law.

But let’s go back to the aforementioned website. It’s called Freedsound, and is available at the following address:

Just open the link and enter the title, author or both in the search bar to instantly get the link for listening and download the desired mp3 song.

Istruzioni Freedsound - Cerca il brano

Freedsound – Music search

The songs are played and downloaded directly from the corresponding videos on YouTube (with the highest quality available, typically 320 Kbps), and this explains why the downloads in this case are legal.

In fact, we read on the website disclaimer:

Freedsound allow you to listen and download music legally from youtube.

In particular:

  1. Freedsound does not host any mp3 file or any other file that infringes copyright.
  2. By clicking on the Download button, the relative song on youtube will be processed by the server, converted to the audio format and reintroduced to the user for free.
  3. Any content on freedsound is available on youtube.

In addition to music, Freedsound let you also download videos from YouTube, in HD resolution.

The only precaution to be taken while downloading music and videos from Freedsound is the following: after clicking on the download button for the desired track, you must wait for the (fast) processing of the media. Meanwhile, you will see a button that says Download Now, but it is not the real one! In fact, it is one of the few ads on the site. As soon as the song is processed, you will be able to click on the real download button, with the text Download mp3 (or mp4, if you are downloading video):

Istruzioni Freedsound - Scarica musica gratis 2

Freedsound – The REAL download button

Furthermore, if you open to the website is using a mobile device, you may see an ad that looks like this:

Freedsound - Pubblicità all'apertura

Freedsound – Opening ad

Just click on the X in the upper left to close it.

As usual, we reccomend to use this kind services according to your country laws about Copyrights.


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