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Complete List of all 31 Shrine Quests of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

Complete List of all 31 Shrine Quests of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK) is an adventure game focused on the exploration of a post-apocalyptic Hyrule. The game allows the player to explore Hyrule at their own pace, finding secrets, treasures, and completing a grand total of 253 quests, subdivided between 23 Main Quests, 60 Side Adventures, 31 Shrine Quests and 139 Side Quests.

One of the key mechanics of the game is the progression system that allows the protagonist Link to face stronger enemies, take more damage and run longer distances. To increase your maximum hearts or stamina wheel in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom you will need to collect the Light of Blessing tokens from the 152 Shrines of Light scattered through the map of Hyrule.

The majority of the shrines are easily available on the map, but a few of them are linked to 31 Shrine Quests, for which the challenge is actually unlocking the Shrine. The typical game mechanic for these Quests usually involves finding a green a crystal and bring it to a Shrine pedestal in order to get the Shrine to appear. However, if you find the pedestal first, a beam of green light will help you find the location of the crystal.

This is a list of all of the 31 Shrine Quests, including the region and the coordinates of where to find them.

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#Quest nameStart locationShrine Coordinates
1The Satori Mountain CrystalSatori Mountain(-2144, -0873, 0093)
2The White Bird's GuidanceRito Village(-3631, 1826, 0204)
3The Gisa Crater CrystalGisa Crater(-3950, 1138, 0112)
4The North Hebra Mountains CrystalHebra Mountains(-2560, 3353, 0245)
5The Northwest Hebra Cave CrystalHebra Mountains Northwest Cave(-2996, 3102, 0515)
6A Pretty Stone and Five Golden ApplesKorok Forest(0562, 2159, 0158)
7None Shall Pass?Korok Forest(0344, 2165, 0150)
8Maca's Special PlaceKorok Forest(0351, 1891, 0178)
9The Death Caldera CrystalDeath Caldera(2959, 2758, 0524)
10The Lake Intenoch Cave CrystalLake Intenoch Cave(2678, 1903, 0131)
11Rock for SaleTarrey Town(3920, 1600, 0128)
12Dyeing to Find ItLanayru Great Spring(2362, -0511, 0156)
13The High Spring and the Light RingsMount Lanayru(3960, -1357, 0465)
14The Lanayru Road CrystalLanayru Premonade(2755, -1089, 0100)
15The Ralis Channel CrystalRalis Channel(2927, 0211, 0151)
16Keys Born of WaterWest Necluda(0931, -1903, 0030)
17The Oakle's Navel Cave CrystalOakle's Naval Cave(2488, -2189, -0029)
18Ride the Giant HorseFaron Grasslands(-0693, -3396, 0172)
19The Lake Hylia CrystalLake Hylia(0103, -2517, -0087)
20Legend of the Soaring SpearTobio's Hollow Cave(1204, -2491, 0096)
21The Gerudo Canyon CrystalGerudo Canyon(-1898, -2343, -0001)
22The North Hyrule Sky CrystalNorth Hyrule Sky Archipelago(0341, 2814, 1821)
23The South Hyrule Sky CrystalSouth Hyrule Sky Archipelago(-1257, -1487, 1008)
24The Tabantha Sky CrystalTabantha Sky Archipelago(-3371, 0466, 1695)
25The East Hebra Sky CrystalEast Hebra Sky Archipelago(-1800, 3405, 0948)
26The Sky Mine CrystalSky Mine(4502, 2166, 1155)
27The Sokkala Sky CrystalSokkala Sky Archipelago(3671, 1484, 1158)
28The South Lanayru Sky CrystalSouth Lanayru Sky Archipelago(4614, -0948, 1790)
29The North Necluda Sky CrystalNorth Necluda Sky Archipelago(1760, -1209, 0924)
30The West Necluda Sky CrystalWest Necluda Sky Archipelago(1468, -2168, 0585)
31The Necluda Sky CrystalNecluda Sky Archipelago(2856, -2858, 1212)


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