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Install Duokan on Kindle Paperwhite, 4, 4NT or Keyboard

Install Duokan on Kindle Paperwhite, 4, 4NT or Keyboard

Here there are the instructions to install Duokan O.S. on Kindle devices.

First of all, download Duokan from this link:

Pay attention to choose the right version, and extract the files from the zip.

Kindle Paperwhite – Kindle 4 Touch
1. Copy DK_System to the root directory of the Kindle
2. Copy MOBI8_DEBUG from the “KindlePaperwhite_¦¦Î¦À¿” folder to the root directory
3. Copy from the same folder to the /documents folder in your Kindle
4. Disconnect USB cable
5. Open the book in your Kindle
6. Press Install – Duokan starts booting and Kindle will restart. Somebody had to repeat the steps from 2 to 6 twice before that Kindle finally booted into Duokan

Kindle 4 (Non Touch)
1. Copy Folders: DK_System, diagnostic_logs and files: ENABLE_DIAGS data.tar.gz into Kindle
2. Restart using menu->settings->menu->restart
3. The system will reboot in diagnostic mode. On the next screen click D) Exit, Reboot or Disable Diags > D) Disable Diagnostics > Q) To continue

Kindle 3
1. Copy DK_System folder on root of Kindle
2. Copy one of the three bin files according to your system firmware:
– (kindle3.2.1升级包 is for 3.2.1
– kindle3.2.1之前升级包 is for version 3.1 and before
– files with larger size(131kb) are for 3.2 and files with size 2kb are for 3.1
– All the three files 3.4
3. Disconnect Kindle from PC
4. Menu/Settings/Update your Kindle
5. Wait until the update is complete
6. At boot time, choose Q for Duokan or W for Kindle when prompted

All credits for this article go to MobileRead community. Check this link for further information and discussions:


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