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Freedsound doesn’t work? Common errors and best alternatives

Freedsound doesn’t work? Common errors and best alternatives

freeFrom our tests, it seems that the well-known free  YouTube music download site Freedsound is no longer working since a few days.

Freedsound not working: what’s the problem?

We hypothesized two possible scenarios to explain the mysterious and sudden malfunction:

  • Freedsound no longer works due to technical problems due to recent interface updates (or  even to servers).
  • Freedsound no longer works due to legal problems.

In this article we will keep track of all the dates on which Freedsound did not work over time, from the latest to the oldest.

In the latest section you will also find all best alternatives to Freedsound to overcome any issues until it gets fixed.

March 16, 2019 – New issue detected [SOLVED]

Searching songs on Freedsound does not work. The following error is reported: Error, please try again later 🙁

The issue seems to be a technical one.

August 10, 2017 – New issue detected [SOLVED]

Before downloading a song you must fill the following captcha:

Freedsound non funziona 2

Once done, you are redirect to the home page and nothing occurs.

The best Freedsound alternatives

Freedsound is a great service, but when it doesn’t work you may want to try one of the free Freedsound alternatives to download music from YouTube.

Here there are some of the best we have found out there. is one of the simplest way to download a video from YouTube.

Here is how it works:

  1. Go to YouTube website, then open your favourite song video.
  2. In the browser search bar you will see a permalink similar to te following:
    Modificare l'indirizzo URL del video
  3. Simply strip off the “ube” word from “”. You will get an URL like this:
    Modificare l'indirizzo URL del video 2
  4. Press enter, and you are ready to download your song from the website!
  5. You could also search any other song directly on the website.

This service is not available anymore.


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