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How to save a video message on Telegram

How to save a video message on Telegram

Since the first release of Telegram video messages, a question immediatly came up: how to save them to the gallery folder or any other location?

Let’s see how to do it on Android, iOS and other enviroments.

How to save a Telegram video message on Android

To grab your sent or received video message on Telegram for Android, simply open your favourite file manager and navigate into the following path:

Telegram -> Documents

Select all the video you need to grab, and copy/move them to your favourite folder, such as DCIM for the regular gallery.

This is a bit counterintuitive, because most of the people would expect to find the video messages in Telegram -> Video folder instead.

How to save a Telegram video message on iOS

To grab Telegram video messages on iOS it’s a little bit trickier.

You can’t do it using the official Telegram app, but the following Telegram Web method should do the trick.

How to save a Telegram video message using Telegram Web

Here it comes another really simple method to grab Telegram video messages:

  1. go to the Official Telegram Web page
  2. login
  3. click on the play button on the video
  4. left click (or long press, if you are on a mobile) on the video while it is playing
  5. tap on Save video
  6. save the video into your favourite location

How to save a Telegram videomessage using Telegram Desktop

Very similar to the previous method, but it requires that you install Telegram Desktop on your PC or Mac:

  1. download the official Telegram client form here
  2. install it and login
  3. left click on the video message you want to save
  4. click on Save file with name
  5. Save the video into your favourite location

What about the “Save VideoMessages” Bot?

You may have noticed that there is also a Telegram Bot, called Save VideoMessages (link), to which you can forward your video messages in order to have them converted to a normal video file format.

From our tests, it didn’t perform very well; many times, videos weren’t converted at all, especially if not extremely short (8 seconds or more).

Moreover, forwarding all of your videos to a third-party bot should bring you some privacy concerns.

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