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Search Console internal and external links disappeared

Search Console internal and external links disappeared

If you log in to your Google Search Console account, you may be disappointed to see that it doesn’t list any of the internal and external links of your website (saying no data available). Well, don’t panic: this is only a reporting glitch, that doesn’t affect your website SEO or SERP results at all. Google is already aware of the error, and will fix it as soon as possible.

The issue has been occurring since 10 August 2016 at least, as you can see from several discussions on the Webmaster Central Help Forum (the ‘2015’ in the discussion title is just a typo).

Here it is also the official response from John Mueller, a Google employee, on Twitter:

Update – 14 August 2016

We checked our Google Search Console account, and the issue didn’t show up anymore.


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