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Split big FLAC files into separate tracks using Linux

Split big FLAC files into separate tracks using Linux

First of all, you must install cuetools and shntool packages. For example, under Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install cuetools shntool

or, under Fedora:

su -c ‘yum install cuetools shntool’

Now, navigate into the folder that contains the .flag and .cue files you want to convert. Then type this command:

cuebreakpoints filename.cue | shntool split -o flac filename.flac

where filename.cue and filename.flac must be replaced by your target ones. Once the conversion is finished, you must apply mp3 tags to your files before renaming them by hand.

To do this on Ubuntu, use the following command:

cuetag *.cue split-track*.flac

or, under Fedora: *.cue split-track*.flac


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