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Firmware v60 Nokia 5800

Firmware v60 Nokia 5800

Not so far since the release of the v50 firmware, Nokia has already started to work at the new one, showing great attention to the development of this device. We do not know if the V60 firmware (probably 60.0.003) will be made available directly or only after a bugfix version for the 50.0.005, but we decided to start a thread (that we will report to Nokia itself) containing your feature requests. The ideas will be collected here with the help of your comments; it is also important that you rate the entries already in the list, expressing your consent / dissent about them.


– Fix battery bug (on some Product Codes)
– Fix the RDS bug (fixed in v52 but not for all Prodcut Codes)
– Fix unstoppable alarm clock bug (fixed in v51)
– Kinetic scrolling more fluid in the main menu (improved in v51)
– Increased accuracy and sensitivity of the accelerometer (improved in v51 and v52)
– Ability to turn off the camera flash during the focus
– Improve camera quality and photos compression algorithm, if possible
– Fix bug in profile editor: screen vibration level 1 is stronger then 2 (fixed in v51)
– Fix bug of denied access to messagges stored in the memory card after an USB connection
– Remember camera settings (ex: flash/noflash)


– Faster loading of the images in the gallery (improved in v51)
– Calendar notification above the contacts bar
– Better accuracy of the battery meter (improved in v51)
– Widgets and screen rotation n97-like (only if it doesn’t affect battery consunption)
– Smiley support for SMS
– Search bar in the Music Player
– Fast multiple selection method in gallery, music store and other context
– Nokia Custom dictionary embedded in the firmware

UPDATE: We reporteded this post to Nokia Europe, that kindly gave us the following answer:

“Regarding your request, thank you for your interest to Nokia’s products and services. Unfortunately we can not open the two links you sent us because of the proxy firm of the company; in any case we are going to refer your e-mail. As for your question about the release date of a 60 version of the software suitable for 5800 model, at the moment we have no information, but please kindly visit Nokia website.”

UPDATE 2: Nokia has also released two bugfix versions (51.0.006 and 52.0.007) for v50 firmware. For further informations, follow this link.

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  1. Sip call on menu of nokia 5800. He has sip setings but you cant use sip withot another software like fring. Thank you!

  2. I think this request is quite personal, however you can install by your own fring, skype or the SIP software you prefer 🙂

  3. i see few drawbacks one is mentioned rds bug another one is noisy camera..the camera quality should be increase in v60, despite a carl zeis lens its camera not tht good if we compare to current market handsets with similar mega pixels

  4. Thank you SIFARAT E AZA, i've added your suggestion 🙂

  5. 1. Press and hold to Mark after clicking mark once!

    2. Message letter counter in QWERTY mode should be on the left side above OK (check) button. Or above the button itself with some transparency!

    3. More stylish light notification. Green, white and red buttons should flash like N95's side blue buttons in standby!

    4. Picture smiley support in message like in its own inbuilt IM or the Nokia Supernova series!

    5. Calendar notification in Contact bar above Email!

    6. The * symbol that appears in the pic of the person set in the contact bar when receiving new missed calls and messages has bugs. Sometimes it doesn't appear!

    7. The phone cannot set Photo Browser Beta as default photo viewer! It is not detected by default application setter in 5800! It should detect Opera Mini 5 too!

    8. Homescreen widgets if possible… but it will cost us the contact bar I guess!

    9. And a hardware update! Replacement of plastic lens shield with a glass one for better focus of camera and improved picture quality!
    I can click better pics without the cover!!
    I'm ready to pay for it!

    That’s all from my point of view! 😛


  6. LEE thank you for your original ideas 🙂 i've added only the calendar one because some of them have been already fixed in the new firmware (like the letter counter) or are too hard to implement (hardware or too personal requests). However thanks again 🙂

  7. i would like to have homescreen rotation

    and would like to have the keys at the bottom instead of right side in the landscape mode

  8. I agree with Lee's ideas..especially about introducing Picture smiley support in smses


    A hardware update! Replacement of plastic lens shield with a glass one for better focus of camera and improved picture quality!
    this is a very important one as even though we have a 3.2 MP carl zeiss lens the pictures taken with the lens cover are very bad, esp the night pics have a lot of noise.

    Also the speed of rotation of the screen should be increased as its pretty slow now.

  9. guys are you sure about this fact? it seems that photo quality it's not affected from the plastic protection by comparing some samples on my device..

  10. Hello everyone!

    Thank for replying! I'm back! Had a hard time finding this site! Now I've bookmarked it in my opera mini 5 touch browser! Lol

    Emanuele try clicking pics without cover and with cover in dark condition to see the difference in quality and focusing. 🙂

    I cannot open my orkut account after the 50v update. So I tried installing the java runtime 2 beta by nokia betalabs.
    My phone is now a bit faster and I saw some new graphics interface, like while installing java apps the menu is completely different. But my phone browser is still the same. My orkut homepage never loads after signing in! My old N95 can still load the page without any new updates. Hehe… 🙂

    And hey I tried LCG Jukebox 2.70 today and saw its homescreen widget when minimized! Its awesome! Better than the phone's music widget! I can move it and place it anywhere on the screen!
    Now I'm sure 5800 can have N97 like homescreen! I'm not a big fan though. I just need the calendar notification in contact bar mode.

    And few days back I came across a music app for s60 5th – piano touch.
    Its faster and less laggy. But what's interesting to see is it supports multi-touch in resistive screen of 5800! It can detect a maximum of 2 different piano key press at the same time! Try it!

    Somebody put this to use please! I'm out of ideas! 😀

    My 5800 becomes very hot while surfing net using Wifi! I guess 5800's processor is overclocked! Hehe… 😛 I like it! Lol

    And I want visualization option in the music player. My N95 has it. I know it drains out the battery but c'mon its a music phone! We use it or not to save our battery is a different thing. We should atleast have that option for… Show off? Maybe! What about a small party? 😛

    Good night! 🙂



  11. Thank you coming back Lee 🙂 I had your same issue with java and had to install the beta from nokia betalabs.. About multitouch it's only a trick like in other apps, because unluckily we'll probably never have this function on our 5800 resistive screen 🙁 The n97 home screen it's good but n97 interface take the most of ram out of the phone, and this could lower any more our battery life.. I thank you a lot for the useful informations you gave us, i'll try soon to take pics as you suggested 🙂 See ya soon man, Good N8!

  12. Fixed problems with battery consumption, apart from the already discussed with the RDS.
    We'll see if it is true that Nokia fixes bugs.

  13. Where is everybody? 😀

  14. HEY!

    – Better HOMESCREEN. C'mon its 5800 and the homescreen sucks. Make it like N97 or something! I guess it has the capability for it.

    – Longer Battery. I'm sick & tired of my phone's battery problem. Even if I'd never open my media player or any other applications, My Battery is getting over in a DAY.


    – Smiley support.

    – Faster QWERTY keyboard and better design.


    🙂 Blessings.

  15. I want in the menu bar option is not there, when to sound options screen, then hold a few seconds it appeared as new software Vmenu HanghaiMenu and can slide across the screen.

  16. i want the "find" function to return on the music player. its inconvenient to scroll from a to z just to pick a song..

  17. Emanuele,

    I would like the Daily Alrm problem to be fixed.

    One cannot stop the alarm from the touch screen but has to press the power button. I screen unlock does not work in alarm mode.
    Grazzie Raymondo

  18. Ps man did you try to slide? We must be sure that it isn't releated to a human error.. on my device sometimes (not always) sliding doesn't work with alarm clock..

  19. Hi Emanuele,
    Slide switch you mean.
    Yes of course I did.

    I can assure you its not a human error, and that this problem was first noticed in ver4.


  20. -a fix for setting priority in the Network settings, kinetic scroling had destroyed thath.
    -fix short accu runtime
    -option to select icons for folders(in menu)
    -set maximum Volume by own
    -better volumecontrol

  21. how long will take the release of 60.0.005 firmware?

  22. backup for calender enries n landmarks in nokia pc suite…..and
    while restoring (importing)messeges to the phone the r saved 1 by 1 realy slowly with pc suite…bt while exporting it takes friction of sec .in map i cud not find auto rotate in dirctn of motion.overal phone is realy slow..and sms timer doesnt work anymore.
    playlist backup problm is also der….saving web pages for ofline is nt der…der is no recent contact list for msgin so i made some grups with only 1 person n even more to send msg to all ma frnd bt der is no way to backup des grups…if nokia is changing this phones screen from resistivity scren to capacitive screen.den d public who has bought dis phon earlies shud also get it replaced……

  23. animated screen rotation as on the N97

  24. This is also a suggestion : they should fix The Wlan or Wifi probelm :(invalid servername)error

  25. Hi.

    Since V50 i noticed some bugs/problems:
    – RDS doesn't work (as in V40).
    – While starting a sms if u try to choose a contact and rotate the screen, when u press ok to return to the message it gets back to homescreen.
    – Accelerometer is to shaky now. Try playing acuracy games like micromaze or rescue bubbles and its almost impossible. if u lay down ur phone the ball will move by it self, in shaking pattern. run rescue bubbles, go to options and u see the calibrating option. see the ball shaking like crazy. also try program LEVEL and u see the bubbles won't stay still
    – Still with the accelerometer, sometimes, mainly when battery is not full, the phone does not auto rotate when turned. all options turned on in sensor configuration and it just stops rotating…

    All this things, appart from RDS, were working fine in V40.

    Besides this i would like to see improvements in:
    – Faster screen rotation
    – Homescreen widgets (like n97 if possible)
    – Faster transitions between menus
    – Improvements for camera (pictures especially)
    – Overall speed improvement with some software optimization.

    Be good

  26. Hi Pedro, i think that sms and shacky accelerometer issues could be easily solved with a phone deep reset (*#7370# on numpad). Remeber to backup all your data on phone memory because it will be erased.. Than check if they are fixed 😉

  27. Ei Emanuele 🙂

    I already tried that soft reset and hard reset, formatting memory card, start phone with or without memory card…anything…still the same. It's a firmware issue. Many people complain about the same problem. It's only noticable in V50 as in V40 everything was fine and the accelerometer was accurate. I have to restart my phone so it works fine again (sometime it still doesn't, have to restart again). Nokia guys tweaked the accelerometer parameters so it could get faster response in screen orientation but they got it wrong. Thats why we're getting some accelerometer related problems.
    As soon as i discovered this problem (i love rescue bubbles so i got it installed again as soon as i updated to V50) i talked to a friend who had V40 yet and got him to install the game and the level app. It worked with no problems. Then we updated his phone to V50 (he wanted kinetic scrolling in menus anyway) and installed the game again… Disaster!! The game became unplayable (issues like the ones i wrote before).
    So i see it's not my phones software or hardware faults.

    Thanks for your reply 🙂

  28. Hi

    Another bug i noticed is in profile editor. Screen vibration has 4 settings: off,1,2 or 3. Number 1 is stronger than number 2. Try it 😉

  29. Yeah Pedro thx,

    I already know it but we won't ask Nokia to fix it cuz it not so critical 🙂 anyway thx for report it too 😉

  30. Hi

    Another one i forgot 🙂
    (sorry for being a pain :p)
    – E-mail notification remains (not always) next to battery status even if you read all of them. If phone is restarted it disappears…
    If i remember anything else i let you know 😉

  31. Pedro did you try the reset as I suggested you? Maybe you could get all this fixed in a moment 🙂

  32. Yes i did. As i wrote before i tried the soft reset (*#7370#) and a hard reset (phone turned off, press green+red+camera and turn phone on). Also reinstalled firmware. Nothing seems to get it right. It's just a bad written code. Maybe they will fix it in a future firmware. All i can say is i wish i could get back in time,i would stay with V40. But please try for yourself, download LEVEL from OVI store,its free. See if you get the same thing as i do. If you can,also try micromaze or rescue bubbles or some other app or game that uses fine movements of acelerometer. If you have V50 of course 😉
    Thx for reply

  33. Sorry i missed to read a message from you ^^ Yes you are right, they did really bad with accelerometer accuracy and code.. I've never noticed it before, but bubble shake a bit on LEVEL (anyway it is quite difficult to see it).. The only way to rotate the screen immediatly (until nokia will fix the problem) is to take it exactly perpendicular to the ground… Thanks for you witness man, let's hope that at least v60 firmware will be bug-free…

  34. I'm glad to hear that from nokia. Even if,as they say,they haven't got any new firmware yet, it seems like they hear our requests. And that's good news for us all 😉

  35. Yes, they told the mail had been reported to "persons in charge of it" but I couldn't translate this expression well from italian so i cut it off from translation over here ^^.. However, they said only that had no information for us at the moment (because I asked for the release date :D), but i think it's perfectly normal.. If have any other information, i'll keep you up to date 🙂

  36. 🙂
    Thank you,you're the man!
    Keep in touch

  37. Yeah!!! Nokia need to improve accelerometer. On other olds firmware works ok, but at new one is frustrating.

  38. all i want from nokia now is
    better gallery (please put the markunmark button in center like in n97 instead of editor)
    and music search function
    give us smooth rotation back
    better ram and better performance

  39. May I humbly suggest the following from Nokia on their future FW updates:

    – I hope Nokia lowers the sensitivity of the auto-rotation (but it should still be fast when you trigger it intentionally), it always fires up when I don't need it.

    – The web browser doesn't auto-center the text of the webpage on the screen. You have to adjust it manually.

    – When in Contacts Bar homescreen, they should at least put the calendar entries below the contacts bar. Making 4 rows in all. Contacts bar-1st row; Calendar-2nd Row; Music controls-3rd Row; Shortcuts bar-4th row.

    – Could Nokia make the shortcuts bar also behave like the contacts bar, instead of 4 shortcuts, why not make it 20 shortcuts which you can scroll sideways. Then they can do that also in the Contacts Bar Homescreen, where you can scroll both the contacts and the shortcuts bars. That would be fun and practical.

    Just my thoughts.

  40. If i understand correctly Nokia will release only firmware like v51, not v60, with small bug fix and new features will not appear.

  41. I would like Nokia to put search open in the music option so that it would be easy to find the desired songs. one more which needs to be added is the multiple selection or marking option wherever required be it songs,gallery, messaging, etc. This would complete the V60 firmware along with other features which needs to be added in Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

  42. Hey! I'm back!

    Updated my phone 2 days back to its latest firmware v51! Its a minor update but still I'm excited! In fact I like all kinda firmware updates even if its plain useless. Lol 😛

    Nokia fixed the vibration level mismatch. And now the vibration is smoother too. And I guess they fixed the auto key press bug while typing. I hope you know what I mean! I'm not good at explaining!

    And hey I never got any alarm slide off problem in the previous or the new firmware.

    Nokia fixed the RDS problem too. And they fixed the accelerometer a bit. And I think the light notification can now show battery low by some weird light flickering! Lol

    Hey I got one new bug just as I was typing this. My keypad vibration level decreased as my words increased! Why? I think I should stop now! My phone is telling me too! 😛


  43. Thanks for coming back, Lee. Yeah, these are really nice news… unluckly i can't try it on my own because it isn't available for my device by now… if you noticed anything else and other bugs fixed, keep us updated 🙂 Thanks again 😉

  44. Hi i missed a different"s vibration levels (like CX65 has eg. Standard, Helicopter, UFO, Shock, Mosquito, Train). When I turn on the silent mode I cant see a date on my 5800 desktop. To see a date needs to turn on General mode or see to calendar. Its very discomfort. I missed to a screen saver with date and time like in 6300.

  45. I have 2 problems now with firmware v51 first the invalid server name bug with wireless connection and second i have to touch a few times the right side icons in the menu to open them!!

  46. Ei guys what's up? 🙂

    I updated to V51 but few things have changed for me… Vibration levels are now fixed but everyting else is the same… RDS still does not work. Even with an hard format. And yes,i have RDS where i live and had it in 5800 before V40 🙂
    I still get the bug with email notification that doesn't disappear and sometimes screen auto-rotation doesn't work either (especially when low on battery).
    I notice an overall speed improvement.
    Cya guys

  47. How about auto word correction for the qwerty keyboard?

  48. Mmh what do you mean exactly? Auto spell-check?

  49. yup. since its frequent to hit the wrong key in the qwerty keyboard mode

  50. Bungie I think that you could get rid of it after some practice… however i suggest you to try the new swipe-keyboard, that you can download for free at the official Nokia Betalabs website:

  51. I prefer some of these changes:
    -Star tag songs in the Music Player
    -Next Generation Music Player (automatic volume leveling, more onscreen info, hiperlink as goto songs from this artist, add to playing queue)
    -Correct the search application, it has bugs, frequently it doesn't find partial phone numbers.
    -Remember camera settings (flash/noflash)

  52. Hi Martin, thank you for your suggestions. We added the one regarding the flash/noflash issue. Other should be discussed a little before they join the list 🙂

  53. Update: a new bugfix firmware has been released (v.52.0.007). There isn't any official changelog yet, we'll keep you up to date as soon it becomes available.

  54. they should make better ram usage

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